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12 benefits of drinking coffee


For long time there has been a debate about the benefits and harms of the most common drink - coffee. Scientists around the world conducted about 19,000 scientific experiments and researches, whose goal was to find out what impact the drink has on our body. And even with such a number of studies it is not possible to unequivocally answer the question: "Should we start the day with this aromatic drink?" Everyone should individually approach the answer to it, listening to their body. If after a cup of drink our body is filled with energy and strength - include it in your diet, if there are directly opposite changes, refrain in the diet from coffee, even if you read a lot of materials about its positive qualities. The question should be set individually.


Statistics on the use of natural coffee in each individual country are in the dynamics of increase or decrease, but the world balance of consumption of the drink remains stable. There is even a tendency to increase the world consumption of the drink.


In fact, the usual morning drink, filled with useful substances, in moderate amounts, can only have a positive effect on our body, and this is confirmed by the 12 following advantages of the drink, confirmed by clinical studies.



Instant coffee – is a tonic drink, helping to increase the rush of freshness and strength. No wonder we are so fond of drinking it in the morning, when we need to wake up quickly and start the working day. It is the caffeine that is a part of the drink that improves our attention, activates the memory processes.

Caffeine is a psychoactive substance. Entering the blood, it helps block the inhibitory neurotransmitter adenosine and increases the indications of dopamine, which activates the neurons of the brain. It is this property of the drink that has been confirmed by studies of scientists, indicating the ability of coffee to exert a stimulating effect on the state of brain processes, manifested in improving not only our mood, but also activating various functions of the brain that are responsible for memory, alertness, attention and the degree of reactions.

In the East, coffee is taken not only as a tonic drink, but also as a remedy for the risk of Alzheimer's disease. Intensifying the blood circulation, it will eliminate puffiness and reduce the risk of development of stroke.


Few people know that the substance caffeine is included in the supplements for burning fatty deposits. Biochemists, investigating the properties of coffee, came to the conclusion that the drink increases metabolic processes from 3 to 11%. Other studies claim that this figure reaches 29%. Caffeine, stimulating the work of the nervous system, provokes it to send signals that destroy fat cells. This fact indicates the ability of caffeine to increase metabolism, and assist in the burning of fats. However, do not excessively use the drink, everything is good with measure.


There are a lot of recipes on which you can prepare a drink. Everyone chooses to its taste, how to drink coffee:  black, or with the addition of milk. In both cases, a cup of a fragrant drink, splitting fats and transforming them into free fatty acids, will increase physical endurance and working capacity. After all, the same adrenaline that is necessary for us with physical exertion will increase in the blood, which drank coffee on average by 11-12%.

The fitness coaches advise to have a strong coffee drink with simulators for half an hour before training. This will raise adrenaline in the blood, promote the release of fatty acids and increase physical performance in the gym.


A number of studies have shown that the product contains about 2000 active substances and about 30 organic acids, among which caffeine and essential oils occupy a leading position. Essential oils determine the quality of the coffee drink. In addition, one cup of coffee contains: vitamin B2 (riboflavin), vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid), fiber, sugar, fat, mineral and nitrogenous substances. There are potassium, manganese, magnesium and niacin in it. In ancient times, in many monasteries, coffee was given to monks, so that they could spend many hours of prayer service. In our time, having 3 -4 cups of drink per day is considered optimal.


Among the list of diseases, diabetes mellitus, in our time, is the most progressive. The health statistics are voiced by a horrifying figure - about 300 million people in the world suffer from high blood sugar.

The influence of coffee on blood sugar testimonials was not examined only by one scientific study. So, based on the results of some observations, people consuming coffee, the risk of getting type 2 diabetes mellitus decreased from 23 to 50%. As a result of others, this figure reached 67%. Analyzing the data of 18 studies, in which 400 to 900 individuals took part, the researchers recorded a decrease in the likelihood of diabetes by 7%.


This fact allows us to assert that the daily intake of a fragrant product helps to control the blood sugar level.


Good coffee will be useful for people who have crossed the 50-years mark. Indeed, it is this age period, when some people change their cognitive abilities, manifested in impaired memory functions, attention, thinking, and as a consequence, the development of the neurodegenerative disease of Alzheimer's disease, become noticeable. Unfortunately, there is no cure for this disease. It can only be prevented. The correct way of life, sufficient physical activity, healthy food - this is the list of preventive measures for Alzheimer's prevention.

Several scientific studies show that the inclusion of coffee in the daily diet reduces by 65% ​​the possibility of developing Alzheimer's disease and by 32-60% of Parkinson's disease.

If there are no contraindications, doctors do not prohibit the use of coffee, for people of advanced age, is better to drink it by adding milk.


Not so long ago in medical practice there was an opinion that caffeine is extremely not desirable for an unhealthy liver. However, in the 21st century this view changed radically. Instead of categorical prohibition, doctors began to allow the use of the product in hepatitis and cholecystitis, believing that coffee for preventive purposes is useful in cirrhosis of the liver.

Studies conducted in this area have confirmed the ability of caffeine to have a beneficial effect on the organ. It was noted that people who consume 2 to 3 cups a day 80% reduce the risk of the disease of such an important organ as the liver. However, for this purpose only a 100% natural drink, without additional impurities and additives, is suitable.


The invigorating smell, and the taste of freshly brewed morning coffee acts on us as a powerful antidepressant. Only smelling his fragrant smell, you want to jump out of bed sooner.

Harvard University conducted an interesting long-term study, which involved women with an average age of 60 years. Analyzing, at the end of the experiment, the data, scientists confirmed that the use by women of 2 to 3 cups of coffee a day reduces by 15% the development of depressive states.

And those who consumed more than 4 cups of drink, 20% less suffered from "lower interest in life." A similar pattern was also established for men.


Very often men drink coffee in order to increase their efficiency, to cope if necessary with drowsiness, to increase physical endurance and speed of thinking. Men working at night, always take a thermos with an instant drink. And indeed, for a while caffeine will have a toning effect. But after 12 - 13 hours without sleep, the body still requires rest and instant coffee will not correct the situation. Only 250 -300 ml of the drink will give a person strength for night work, with a constant increase in volume, tonic qualities of coffee, will suffice for only an hour or two, and excessive use will be addictive and worsen the desired result.

If nevertheless there is a need to support forces during a sleepless night, it is better for men to brew a drink from natural ground coffee beans.


The fruits of the plant contain up to 2 thousand active substances, among which the significant place is occupied by polyphenols: ferulic, coffee, coumarin, chlorogenic acids, which have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties. When comparing, among beverages containing polyphenols, and such include green tea varieties, carrot juice, red grape wine, coffee will be one of the leaders. The quantity of antioxidants possessing anticancer qualities in ground coffee is 4 times more than in tea.

Phenolic compounds are perfectly liberated by the action of high temperature water, however long boiling can destroy unstable compounds. That's why it is not recommended to boil the drink, but only to bring it to a boil.

Scientific research in this field found a 15% decrease in the development of colorectal cancer in people who consumed 3 to 4 cups of the drink every day.

Moderate use of coffee for preventive purposes against cancer is fully justified, because the drink has strong antioxidant and anticarcinogenic qualities.


The opinion that coffee has a negative effect on the work of cardiac activity has been refuted by a recent study of employees at the University of Athens. When observing a group of 700 people, the researchers found that those who included a drink each day in the diet had more elastic blood vessels. This fact led to the conclusion that for people who have constant high blood pressure levels, the use of small doses of natural coffee will help maintain the vessels healthy and avoid problems in the work of cardiac activity.


Nobody specially created this drink, it all happened by chance. During transportation, the cargo with grains was saturated with sea water; it was dried, fried and found that the content of caffeine in it became significantly less. It happened in 1903. Since then, decaffeinated coffee has appeared on the market. Today, the caffeine content is reduced with a special solvent.

Many people think that a decaffeinated drink is more useful, but it's not entirely true. After all, chemical processing of grains does not bring much benefit. Still, it is better to give preference to a natural product, rather than replace it with surrogates, even well-known brands.


Coffee - harms and contraindications

Buying coffee grains, pay attention to their integrity. Spoiled, broken grains can make the drink toxic, cause headaches, poor health.

Abuse of a drink in large doses will cause insomnia, nervous excitement and nausea.

Doctors recommend to use during pregnancy no more than 1 cup of the drink diluted with milk. A strong drink can harm the health of the future mother and her baby.

Do not rush to give coffee to preschool children. Caffeine can cause them increased anxiety and urinary incontinence.

Listen to the reaction of the body to the product, if it causes an unpleasant feeling - give it up.

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