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Entering in the season of colds and flu, I would like to share with you my experience dealing with them. Changing suddenly the temperatures, the weather sets us a trap which is hard to get out of. Our body, accustomed to the higher temperatures, cannot adapt so quickly to them, and before we take out the winter clothes and start wearing them, we have already caught a virus or a cold.

If you feel the first symptoms of sore throat, wet nose and fatigue, we advise you to make this vitamin cocktail that strengthens the body with vitamins and energy, helping it to fight easily with the viruses. If you drink one cup of this thick juice in the morning, you will feel relieved at the same day. Of course, I recommend you to drink herbal tea with honey throughout the day, but be careful - if your throat hurts, do not drink it hot because it can irritate the sore throat even more. It is better for tea to be warm to cool. Suitable herbal teas can be found at any pharmacy and supermarket.

If you feel bad at night when you get home, make your cocktail and drink it, soak your feet in warm water and go to bed. This will allow the body to relax, restore strength and fight the disease.

The recipe does not necessarily have to be done exactly. You can replace the fruit with similar ones if you do not currently have these ones. However, it is essential to have ginger because it is the main component of the cocktail. It is a natural antioxidant and antiseptic and has been used against flu and cough for long time.


Blend the cleansed and peeled kiwi, orange and apple as well and a peeled root of fresh ginger (it could be in powder, but the effect may not be the same), its size should be as a little walnut. Blend well until there don’t remain any pieces of fruit so you can drink it with a straw. If it is too thick, dilute with water or coconut milk.

Personally, the ginger is too hot for me, so I mix it with fruit and it becomes easier to drink. Every person has different taste, so you can add other ingredients as you wish in order to make it more pleasant.

By publishing this recipe, I hope more people can fight the flu more easily by giving the body the natural products it needs.

Autor: Deyana Savva

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