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Bay leaf  can fulfil desires

Ancient Greeks and Romans attributed magical power of laurel (bay) sheet, they used it in their rituals and believed that it can brings happiness and success.

The laurel tree is a symbol of purity, dedication, triumph, and desires.

An ancient Greek myth says that the god of the sun and poetry Apollo fell in love with the beautiful nymph Daphne, daughter of the river god Pennons. Apollo chased the girl everywhere and to save herself from disgrace and dishonour, she convinced her father to turn her into a laurel bush. Since then the laurel tree has become a favourite of Apollo and he adorns his head and lyre with laurel branches, awards the winners of battles and also musicians, singers, poets and dancers to whom he was patron, with a laurel wreath.

You can also try to attract happiness with the help of a common bay leaf. Write your wishes on a bay leaf, then throw it into the fire and your wish will become true after a while.

Place one bay leaf in each corner of the room, where your family members spend most of their time, and it will chase illnesses  from the occupants of your home.

If you always carry a bay leaf with you, it will protect you from troubles. To attract positive changes in your life, rub with your fingers bay leaf, inhale its aroma and say loudly your desire. Put bay leaves under your pillow - it will only bring you good dreams!

To get rid of the stress, light the bay leaf in an ashtray and go out of the room. When you return back, breathe in from the fragrance of the room and you will feel more relaxed and the tension will disappear.

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