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"May the force be with you"

Only few people have not heard of the Jedi and their special skills. Jedi Order is fictional religious organization from George Lucas’ Star Wars saga. Jedi use the Force. Force is an energy field that surrounds everything and concentrates in living beings. The power is everywhere, and people who are able to feel and direct it have unusual for other people skills. Broadly speaking, the power is "life energy", though it exists also in inanimate nature.

But the idea of ​​power is not an entirely new idea of ​​George Lucas. There are evidences that about 10 000 years ago in ancient India arises doctrine which is based on the notion of the existence of cosmic energy, also known as kundalini shakti, the cosmic power that rests unused in all beings. Around the same time was created a system of practices that allows a person to control that energy. This system, known today as yoga is becoming more popular in the Western world. This is due to the fact that unlike the teachings of the Jedi, yoga exercises are accessible to everyone and do not need to be born with special skills to master energy.

The specific yogic exercises aim to turn the flow of energy and thus build a strong and healthy body. Having great health benefits, they help in the treatment of many diseases and others. Improve the functions and activities of all internal organs and body systems - cardiovascular, circulatory, nervous, digestive, and excretory. Regulate hormonal and energy balance and metabolism. Enhance the concentration of the mind and improve brain activity. Slow down the aging process. Strengthen the spine.

Relatively at the same time when theories and principles of yoga were formed, in  China appeared idea of the CHI - the natural energy that fills and soaks the universe and is present continuously in all living organisms and inanimate objects, the main force of any movement in the universe, both physical and mental. The harmony of chi, the harmony between yin and yang is the basis of health, proper development, etc. Any conflict or problem - mental or physical, arises precisely because of the disharmony of the circulation of chi. To ensure this harmony Chinese invented qigong, martial arts and other practices related to the proper movement of chi in the body.

Ancient Bulgarians borrowed some Chinese beliefs and traditions. In the proto-Bulgarian language was the word Orenda, which is incredibly powerful vibration and a unique energy. Orenda is divine power and energy

Orenda is also ancient knowledge and spiritual practice. Orenda gives positive vibes, so that magical power became the basis of the Bulgarian spirit. According to ancient believes  that powerful force could even take life with a single touch.

By using special sacred practices ancient Bulgarians draw strength from this magical force. Tangra’s  priests and warriors veterans were dedicated to this force they knew the secret of its management.

Can you feel the energy?

The answer is YES. Here is a very simple way:

Sit down and relax. The head and the spine should be on the same line. Put your feet on the ground. Put your hands on your hams. Close your eyes. Inhale and exhale deeply three times. Now try to concentrate on the breathing and do not think about your daily worries. Feel your stomach moving in and out with every deep breath. Raise your arms in front of your chests with the palms faced to each other. In the beginning the distance between the palms should be about forty centimetres. Now move slowly your hands toward each other. You may feel something before you touch the hands. This is your energy field (aura).

In the past times the eastern teachings about energy weren’t well understood and used, due to the poor knowledge of the power, which rule the Universe. Nowadays, the new discovers have changed our worldview. The traditional material view is replaced by the discovery that energy and the substance is the same thing. Everything around us is a form of energy which constantly changes and interacts. All processes in the nature are associated with the exchange and transformation of energy. We humans have the power to control that energy and to use it every day. And this could be done in many ways. In the next few articles we will examine in detail various practices how to guide the energy and use for proper aims.

Autor: Iva Uzunova

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