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Positive thinking for longer and happier life!


Do you think positively?

Scientific research shows that people with positive thinking live an average of about 9 years longer and also enjoy a truly meaningful life.

What does it mean to think positively?

Many people have a misconception about positive thinking. According to them, it means to be not down to earth,  to avoid thinking about  the problems and not to take responsibility for your life. But this has nothing to do with the true positive attitude.

Thinking positively does not mean to be irrational. Everyone has good and bad moments. Everyone can get sick, suffer an accident or lose, experience pain or failure. But unlike the negative people, the positive people do not focus on the problem, they do not fall into despair, they seek a solution and believe that it always exists. They turn the minuses into pluses and they sincerely enjoy and appreciate every moment of life.

Positive thinking is attitude, attitude to everything that is happening. It means to take responsibility for yourself and the things that depend on you. We have to start first by accepting things as they are and seeing  an opportunity in any situation.

Consider the following example - there are cuts in your company and you are fired. How will you react? Will you sink  into deep despair? You will end up home and you will and feel self-pity or you will accept it as a chance to start a new beginning, finding a better job where you will be appreciate more. As a turning point for  finding  the true desires and leisure time as an opportunity for self-improvement? The choice is yours.

How to think positively?

There are many tips on how to be positive thinker.  I will share with you some of my techniques that I have personally experienced on myself.

1. Live in the present. However trivial it sounds, if you focus on the present moment, you will get rid of many reasons for your anxiety.

On the one hand, the past can be a source of many regrets and dissatisfaction. We've all made mistakes, we've done stupid things, but there’s no chance to change anything. Then why  do we have to concentrate there and waste our energy unnecessarily.

On the other hand, thinking about the future is useless. There is a saying - "Do what you can now, but leave your worries about the future in the hands of the Lord". Indeed, our future depends on our actions in the present, but not everything is in our hands. Why do you worry then? Our anxiety will only increase our chance of failure. I have a favorite exercise. I think about the situation on all sides and I always wonder what the worst option is. Then I analyze it and I understand that even the worst option is not the end, but I can also get the best out of it. So why should I worry?

2. Choose positive thoughts, avoid negative ones. It is not easy, I know, but it is achieved with more exercises. For example, it's raining and you cannot spend your day in the park as you’ve planned. Instead of focusing on unfulfilled intentions, consider what an advantage it is for you to stay at home and finish a long-delayed project or read a book you bought last summer and you haven’t found time for it, yet.

3. Do not stay too long in front of the TV. Watching news is extremely stressful as most news releases broadcast messages about natural disasters, catastrophes, military conflicts. There is a tendency to create mass psychosis, anxiety among

the masses that serves the interests of certain political and economical groups. I did the following experiment - I watched the news on all public channels within one day. By the evening I had reached the bottom of despair. I’ll never do it anymore.

4. Be grateful. Gratitude is the surest way to look at our lives positively and to attract more positive experiences. Every week I make a list of the all good things that happened to me over the past seven days. You can do this in your mind every morning before you get out of bed. Believe me, even in my worst days, there have always been at least ten things to be grateful for. Let's start by saying that this morning we are awake alive and healthy that we have been given one more day, another chance to realize our inmost dreams!

5. Get around with positive people. If you are too long in the company of someone who constantly complains, you will copy his habits after few weeks and you will become the same grumpy pessimist. In addition, negative people will always pull you back in any of your attempts to achieve something good, you will hear thousands of arguments for your failure. You don’t need that, do you?

A good friend always knows what to tell you when you have a problem. Instead of "I'm sorry," or "Poor you" he'll pat you on the shoulder and say, "Do not worry! Everything will be fine!"

Do you have any ideas on how to think positively? Share them with us!

Autor: Iva Uzunova

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