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Proper breathing can prolong life!

What is proper breathing and why do most people not breathe properly?

According to ancient yogis, proper breathing is very important for the overall state of our physical and mental health. They believe that irregular breathing disturbs the rhythm with which the brain works, resulting in physical and mental blockages, which in turn provoke inner imbalance, anxiety and various diseases. In today's busy world most people are in constant stress, resulting in short (shallow) and fast breathing. This breathing does not fill the lungs with enough oxygen and over time can lead to impaired function of some organs, and some diseases. Proper breathing in turn stimulates a calm and balanced mind. It gives us control over breathing and helps restore the natural, calm rhythm of the body and mind.

The ancient yogis observed the nature in great detail. In their observations, they noticed that animals that breathe slower (the elephants) live longer, and those who breathe fast (the birds) have a shorter life. So they understood how important slow and relaxed breathing is, for long life. That is why thousands of years they have tried and developed various breathing techniques that helped them to be healthier and more spiritual.

Pranayama breathing techniques provide a healthy body, eliminating the blockade of energy in the body. Many of these techniques soothe breathing to control the movement of energy in the body, thus soothing mind and thinking processes.

When energy moves freely throughout the body, health improves, we are full of energy and positive thoughts. We become more intuitive and happy, more relaxed and easier to cope with everyday problems.

According to the ancient yogi, correct breathing is when breathing first blows the abdomen and then the chest, and exhales the abdomen and relaxes the chest. For details, contact a graduate yoga teacher, only he/she can teach you breathing techniques without harming yourself.

Author: Deyana Savva

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