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Healthyandecoliving.com is a site with health-related targeting a wide range of users, providing free and unlimited access to materials for reading. The site does not require registration or collect personal information or contact information from users. All sections of the site are open access and available without restriction.

The materials that Healthyandecoliving.com published, includes news from the world medical and health news from healthcare accessible information about different methods of diagnosis and treatment of various disease groups; information about the structure and function of the human body - anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, pathology; information on the composition, action, dosing schedule and sample different dosages of medicinal preparations, health recipes nutritional supplements and herbs, drawn from official sources (manufacturer, scientific paper, book author). Information and news from the world ecology

The site Healthyandecoliving.com neither guarantee nor commit to full comprehensiveness in the published topics. Always consult with other sources of information on the topic, as well as a specialist in the field, before deciding how to approach to a problem.

The site Healthyandecoliving.com reserves every right to supplement, revise, correct and completely removes materials from the site where appropriate, in its sole discretion.

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The site healthyandecoliving.com provides medical information, which aims to inform consumers about the nature, cause, diagnosis, treatment methods and prognosis of various physical and mental diseases and conditions without replacing the need for a personal consultation with a specialist.

The site healthyandecoliving.com and his team do not tolerate or promote healing. health tips on the site reflect the consensus opinion reached in modern medicine and in favor of better information to consumers about their health problems and conditions.

The site healthyandecoliving.com do not provide online medical advice, diagnosis and / or treatment. published information is informative and does not replace a visit to the doctor. please ask the advice of an expert in each arisen medical problem.

Do not underestimate occurring health problem or delay seeking professional help, because of the online information. Healthyandecoliving.com gives online advice on specific issues does not undertake to recommend doctors, hospitals, clinics, medical centers, health centers and other medical and non-medical institutions, and favors certain medical specialists or medical facilities. the site does not give a second opinion on your case or publish such material.

All places where specified dosages of drugs, medicinal extracts, herbs and other medications, duration of procedures and different schemes, it should be borne in mind that they are only indicative, as individual doses and regimens can They recommended only by a specialist in personal consultation and based on your specific condition, age, sex, comorbidities and general health status.

Disclaimer - site healthyandecoliving.com and his team as a whole and in particular not be held liable for any complications, problems, discomfort or loss as a result of willfully application of treatment methods and means described in the site or sites on the Internet which lead to links from the site. any treatment and medications should be carried out / taken under medical supervision and medical advice in an appropriate environment and adequate follow-up.

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